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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

4 Tips to Protect Your Computer with Norton.


Technological advancement has undoubtedly made our life much easier. Computers, Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops, and other such devices have provided us almost everything at our fingertips. Now from shopping to bill payments and ticket booking, everything is possible to do at home. All you need is a PC and the internet connection.

Think again! Is everything really that smooth? No, with the technological advancement, more and more virus threats are attacking the internet that ultimately harms our devices. Minor ignorance can cause of improper functionality of your computer system as well as loss of sensitive information. However, you can easily protect your private information and computer's health by installing a good antivirus like Norton at the right time. Here are four simple tips to help you secure your PC from a virus with setup. Setup

1. Find a strong operating system

This is the decisive factor in the security of any device. For instance, Linux comes with the assurance that you don't get any active viruses while Windows 10 is popular for its advanced security features. Besides choosing a strong operating system, you should update it regularly for the latest security features. 

2. Use a strong password
Simple passwords with just your name or date of birth are the easiest ones to crack. So choose a strong password that includes numbers, special symbols, and both lower and upper case letters.

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3. Download files from reliable sources

Whenever you want to download some software or any other file, make sure you do it from a reliable source. Software programs are the easiest ways for the scammers and virus creators to enter into any system. 

4. Install a premium quality antivirus

Last but not least; install a reliable, effective and affordable antivirus like Norton. Most of the companies like Norton By Symantec offer complete Setup to help you out throughout the installation process. Further, they also keep you updated with the latest updates and virus definition to ensure complete safety of your PC.

Doing everything online might seem effective and easy, but it comes with its own threats. Put a check on these threats by installing an antivirus at the right time.

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