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Monday, December 10, 2018

Norton Antivirus Provide Premium Security against Viruses

Norton Internet Security

When an individual search about the best free antivirus for his computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, his/her might come across the options. This free antivirus also claims to be as effective as the paid versions of antivirus protection software. As an end user, I find this statement is true and reliable. There are lots of other things to consider when opting for a free version, in some cases annoying pop-ups and ads will appear, in other cases no customer care. As per some research, it has been found out that a basic program only provides entry-level protection and functionality.

Norton Internet Security

  • Norton security comes under the premium segment and same is computer protection software. That does well indeed in independent tests for virus protection and usability. 
  • Norton security gives first-rate security to the internet in addition to technical support around the clock. 
  • Norton’s antivirus single license can take care of as many as 10 devices, including Android, Macs, Windows computers, smartphones and tablets.

Norton Internet Security: 

Norton Security is one of the best computer protection software products available in the market. A single Norton Security license can protect as many 10 devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This software does not come with a file shredder to permanently delete files. Norton Security gives you first-rate computer protection and fine security features, including online backup. The test lab has given top marks to its protection software and how it affected the operation of the computer.

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