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Friday, February 22, 2019

February 22, 2019

Difference Between Norton Antivirus And Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security

Norton Antivirus is the primary security software of Symantec Corporation. Norton Antivirus is powerful virus protection software against of all type of malware, such as viruses, threat, spyware, and other junk file. Norton Antivirus does not have any advance feature. Norton Antivirus price is lowest in Symantec’s Windows-based PC security product category.

Bottom Line: - if your budget is low and you use internet services to read news and check E-mail from time to time, Symantec Corporation offer the security Protection according to customer requirement. You should know that Norton antivirus is best firewall window security software. It keeps secure your system from the virus, threat, firewall, spyware and other online attack.

Norton Internet Security

Norton internet security offers all the core protection security you will find in Norton-Antivirus, along with many other security features.

Firewall security :- This is probably the feature that differentiates Norton-Internet-Security form Norton-antivirus in the most important way. A firewall security safe your computer and your information from hacker. With it you can control the all traffic into and out of your computer. Norton internet security’s smart two way firewall is very-very strong and offers many tweaks so that you can really configure it, according to customer requirement you can configure it.

Identity Protection :- you have probably heard about identity theft. Unfortunately, this type of threat is all 2 common online. Without any protection you could be the victim of a phishing attack, perhaps by entering by entering personal information on a site that looks legitimate to you, but is in fact malicious and hosted by hackers. Norton internet Security software analyzes the your E-mail, website link, web page structure and when it found any type of problem, then it give the alert/warning to the user.

Norton Identity Safe : - with this services feature, your online detail as like login ID and Password are stored in encrypted vault and entered automatically in relevant field of web pages, for instance the login page of your website. It means that you don’t no need of type then again. So they can’t get stolen by malicious key logging software that could be installed on your computer unbeknownst to you.

Norton Safe Web :- Norton Internet Security make secure your system. By this software, user can ban porn content, fraud content, violent content based website on own Computer. Any chance if user visit any these type of website then it give you information about the website that website safe or not safe.

Parental Control Management: - Norton Internet Security is offering parental Control Management system. By the help of this feature you can ban unwanted website. And also you can apply time period schedule. You can know that what are your children searching on internet.

If you are want to know more difference between Norton Antivirus Software and Internet Security then make call to Norton Tech Support Number 1800-239-8013. Norton Tech Support will provide you all information about these both products.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

February 21, 2019

Symantec Norton Family Premier | Norton Family Premier | 1-800-239-8013

Symantec Norton Family premier is an initiative by Norton it helps parents to track their children and make a web content filter for them, locate them and keep them informed with weekly reports and email of misbehavior attempted by child.

 Symantec Norton Family premier it’s an app based service android and Ios and android version is really awesome controls it lacks a bit in Ios due to Apple restriction policies. It's even free version is really good but Paid version provides you with extra layer of security and it is worth Pay. And for all other issues the Norton Tech Support Number is +1-800-239-8013 for all kind of Norton Antivirus support and Norton antivirus number is toll-free. Norton Tech Support Number is available 24X7. You can contact Norton Antivirus Customer Care Number for clearing all you hassle or issues in Norton antivirus.

Symantec Norton Family premier

Pros of Symantec Norton Family premier

1.   Tracks child location
2.   Block Offensive sites according to age recommendation
3.   Keeps your Mobile, Laptop tablets safe
4.   Lets you see what is downloaded and you can block what you feel offensive in a click
5.   You can set timer when you child cannot use their device
6.   Place a limit on how many time you need your child to use their device
7.   Restrict access to certain places like school, college etc.
8.   No limit of devices or Childs can be added.

Cons of Symantec Norton Family premier

1.   Does not block HTTPS websites
2.   Text message monitoring is not that good
3.   You cannot block texting function or set time limit on texting
4.   Social media managing can be much better
5.    Does not work on Mac.

Symantec Norton Family premier bottom line

Norton is one the oldest and best security companies it helps you focus on child and help you secretly spy on them. But overall it’s a must take application if you have a child and you want to track your child completely. And for all other issues the Norton Tech Support Number is +1-800-239-8013 for all kind of Norton Antivirus support and Norton antivirus number is toll-free. Norton Tech Support Number is available 24X7. You can contact Norton antivirus customer care number for clearing all you hassle or issues in Norton antivirus.

How Symantec Norton Family premier works

Norton antivirus for family sends email to parent every time your child is doing something that you restricted by Symantec Norton Family premier and it helps to check the websites or downloads by child and all activities done on device by child in a detailed report even in free version and premium version helps you many more like these feature to keep your child on right track  And for all other issues the Norton Tech Support Number is +1-800-239-8013 for all kind of Norton Antivirus support and Norton Antivirus Number is toll-free. Norton antivirus helpline number is available 24X7. You can contact Norton Antivirus Customer Care Number for clearing all you hassle or issues in Norton antivirus.

Getting Started with Symantec Norton Family premier

Getting it done is pretty simple let's look at these steps
1.       Create Norton Family account online.
2.       Add child with these details
a.      Name
b.      Age
c.      Gender
d.      Photo or avatar (optional)
3.       Install Norton Family agent all device your child uses
4.       Sign In each device with different child accounts
5.       To prevent child from uninstalling app revoke administrative rights
6.       Its done

Some extra features of Symantec Norton Family premier

Norton keeps safe search on all default search engines like google, yahoo, bing , youtube etc if child try to manipulate it automatically get turned on. You can monitor what your child watches on YouTube and all video platforms and all activity can be reviewed on Activity tab. This service lacks on Netflix, Amazon prime etc.

Symantec Norton Family premier conclusion

Symantec Norton Family premier is a must buy product with a full range of parental control and giving parent a feeling of Spy. It can track unlimited devices and maintain a separate log for every device and interface is really alluring and full of mobile features And for all other issues the Norton Tech Support Number is +1-800-239-8013 for all kind of Norton Antivirus support and Norton antivirus number is toll-free. Norton antivirus helpline number is available 24X7. You can contact Norton antivirus customer care number for clearing all you hassle or issues in Norton antivirus.

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Friday, February 15, 2019

February 15, 2019

Advantages and Benefits of Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security offers the best of Norton the multiple ways you connect. With a simple solution, user gets comprehensive security that’s made to secure your computer machine, Tablet & smart phone. Norton Internet Security is the best security software for web protection, mobile device tracking and other services. This is the best for your device/system safety. For more information about Norton Support make a call to Norton Support Number.

Norton Internet Security, Norton Support Number

Norton Internet Security Software Have Three Editions: -

1. Standard – Protection for  1 device.

2. Deluxe- Protection for 5 Devices.

3. Premium – Protection for 10 devices

Benefits and features: - 

  • One solution for all virus & malwares related problems.
  • Provides safety from viruses, spyware, malware and other online intrusion
  • Safe your confidential detail. Don’t matter what are you using.
  • Block unwanted and unsafe website.
  • Lets you transfer protection from one device to another devices.
  • You can add more protection as you get more devices.
  • Easily track lost or stolen devices as mobile and tablets.  


Insight – identifies the  files or application that are secure or non-secure using the combined feedback of more that 175 million Norton Users to identify incoming  virus, spyware , malware and proactively avert them.

Sonar Behavior Protection – Detected the signs that a file is unsecured to proactively secure you form new virus and malware.

Safe web for Facebook – scans your facebook  account and news feed for links to unsafe websites.

Away Up-To –Date – download  by itself and install important product or new feature updates when not using your computer and smart phone.

Download Insight : - Prevents you from downloading file from websites that have  low reputation score within the Norton user community.

Insigh+Optimised File-copy – Speeds up scans times by indentifying safe file and only scanning unknown files.

Norton Community Watch : - Collect information volunteered by millions of Norton Security user to spot new  virus faster, identify secure file, and offer stronger, more  efficient protection.

Blocking Spam- Remembers, safe and self enters your user names and password so they can’t be lost and stolen.

Safe Web Security – in case if you open unsafe website then this software warn you .

Internet Security System- Secure-websites and social-networking-site for suspicious-link  (website) &  content to identify the latest social-networking scams/fraud.  

Smart Two-way Firewall – Prevents strange from accessing your home network by blocking incoming  traffic determined to be unsecured.

Backup Store-  you can store 25 GB data.


Mobile Device Support- Norton Internet Security software is supportable for Android, iOS and tablets.

Remote Locate – Pinpoint your lost/stolen/missing Android or iOS phone or tablet on map you find it fast.

SIM  Card Lock : - if you removed SIM Card form your phone then your phone will be lock at a time.

Call Blocker – you can block unwanted call you’re your mobile phone.

The Symantec Corporations has introduced exclusively Norton Support Number to maintain the quality of service.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

February 13, 2019

Norton has disappeared! How to fix the problem? – Unlike other security tools available in the market, Norton offers the complete protection from the malware and viruses to your system. You can use the Norton product to protect you’re personal as well as professional data offline and over the cloud. Despite having the latest technologies and features, Norton may give you error while using the product. You can fix these issues by following the basic troubleshooting steps. Here in this article, we are going to describe the basic troubleshooting steps in details to Fix Norton Disappeared Issue.

How to Fix Norton Disappeared Issue?

Quick Guide To Fix Norton Disappeared Issue –

You can fix or troubleshoot these type of issues by using the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. You just need to download and run the tool on your system. Let’s follow the process to Fix Norton Disappeared Issue using NRnR.

Download NRnR:

  • First of all, open any of the browsers which you commonly used on your system.
  • Now, visit the official website to download NRnR tool on your system.
  • Click on the Download button and then follow the process.
  • You need to click on the Run or SaveFile to save the file on your system.
  • Now, double-click on the downloaded file and then accept the license.
  • In order to accept the software agreement license, click on the Agree button.
  • Follow the installation procedure and then click on the Remove & Reinstall button.
  • After that, you will be required to click on the Continue or Remove button to proceed further.
  • In the end, click on the Restart now option, to save the changes you have made.
When the above process is finished then you need to follow the instructions displaying on the screen to reinstall the product. In case you are facing issues while reinstalling your version of the product then you may contact Norton Support for help. Also, visit us at for the advanced troubleshooting steps and to download the guide online.

FAQs –

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  • How to troubleshoot Norton error 8504
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  • Issues with the Norton login credentials
  • What is Norton remove and reinstall tool
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  • Issues with the Norton comlink

You can fix these issues by visiting us at You can find all the troubleshooting steps to fix the issues related to your Norton Product. Also, contact Norton Support using the toll-free number 1800-239-8013 and our executive will offer you the guaranteed solution in no time.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

February 12, 2019

Tips to Secure Your Smart Devices With Norton

Secure Smart Devices Norton – Fortunately, the world is leaning towards advancements. However, the advancement gives a path to hackers. For this, it is important to secure your smart device with Norton. They take the improvisions as an opportunity. The opportunity is nothing but, just to initiate cybercrime. Smart devices fixed in everyday life amazingly.

Secure Smart Devices Norton

Secure Smart Devices Norton

In the vision of Smart home devices, few steps are required for protection such as –

Keep everything up-to-date

You may keep the updated computers or mobile phones. However, not the same thing is applicable to the house devices. This may sound like you should keep the devices updated. But, there is a certain way which should be adopted. To avoid unsafe downloads and updates, check the credibility of the website. Check the sites often as well as the reviews. Along with this, you can also ensure these steps while updating:
  • Smartphone
  • Smart Television
  • Tablet
  • Set-top box
  • Game console.

Check your passwords

  • Firstly, never agree to remember password tab on websites.
  • Secondly, use a difficult password that is hard to predict.
  • Make sure not to mention the hints.
  • Also, use an alphabet, numbers, and special symbols.
  • Most importantly, a password should not relate to you.
  • For protection, make sure to secure your smart device with Norton.

Secure Network

  • Particularly, never share your Wi-Fi with the neighbors.
  • Keep a protective software like Norton to avoid cyber attacks.
  • Also, Try not to use the Wi-fi except your home.
  • On the other hand, always put a security lock on devices.
  • Use applications from Google play store.
  • Especially, use the device encryptions.
  • Mant Anti Virus software.
  • Turn off all the networks and connections when not in use.
  • Uninstall applications if you are not using it.

Buy Smart devices from reputed brands

  • Reputed brands keep information secure.
  • Especially, internet devices should never be a risk.
  • Most importantly, buy the new gadgets.
  • Never trust everyone with the device.
  • Check the details of a smart key product.
  • Check updates timely.
  • Secure Smart Devices Norton

Reasons to Protect the Smart Devices

With the help of the smart device, you can protect your home. Therefore, it is essential to secure your smart device with Norton.

Home Security System

Particularly, in recent years, security systems got advanced. As a result, these security systems protect the home in your absence. This will also permit you to receive the suspicious activity alerts. Also, you can keep an eye on the delivery packages. Additionally, protection towards the device is maintained.

Emergency Sensor

Huge variety of sensor is available which helps to keep an eye. Moreover, water and humidity sensor alert you. Hence, this helps you to stay protected and secure at home. In addition, broken pipes and leakages are alerted.


Smart devices when activating due to the smoke in the house. Hence, alerts are made and lights switch on automatically. This happens so that the family wakes up. Basically, it triggers on ways to alert family for an action.

Monitor Air Quality

The devices warn you about the humid and unhealthy air. Toxic chemicals, air pollutants, and other harmful air particles lead an unhealthy environment. It is important to maintain a healthy environment for a disease-free life. Most importantly, kids and senior citizens in the house need fresh air.

Smart Lock

Smart homes work perfectly for every household. Children run to play and forget to lock the home. For this, a passcode is generated. In this case, when a kid will go out, the home will lock automatically. Later on, he/she has to put passcode to unlock the house.

Proximity Sensor

With the help of this sensor, you get an alert about kid’s safety. This can be initiated in the smartphone. Furthermore, you can set an alert about children’s safety. A message will pop-out on the screen giving details about the children. However, this is a flawless feature which gives the safety.

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  • Secure Smart Devices Norton

Above all, are the queries which users have most of the time. For any query feel free to connect at special team of professionals is working 24/7 for users. Wise advice for a better and broader vision.

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