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Friday, February 22, 2019

February 22, 2019

Difference Between Norton Antivirus And Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security

Norton Antivirus is the primary security software of Symantec Corporation. Norton Antivirus is powerful virus protection software against of all type of malware, such as viruses, threat, spyware, and other junk file. Norton Antivirus does not have any advance feature. Norton Antivirus price is lowest in Symantec’s Windows-based PC security product category.

Bottom Line: - if your budget is low and you use internet services to read news and check E-mail from time to time, Symantec Corporation offer the security Protection according to customer requirement. You should know that Norton antivirus is best firewall window security software. It keeps secure your system from the virus, threat, firewall, spyware and other online attack.

Norton Internet Security

Norton internet security offers all the core protection security you will find in Norton-Antivirus, along with many other security features.

Firewall security :- This is probably the feature that differentiates Norton-Internet-Security form Norton-antivirus in the most important way. A firewall security safe your computer and your information from hacker. With it you can control the all traffic into and out of your computer. Norton internet security’s smart two way firewall is very-very strong and offers many tweaks so that you can really configure it, according to customer requirement you can configure it.

Identity Protection :- you have probably heard about identity theft. Unfortunately, this type of threat is all 2 common online. Without any protection you could be the victim of a phishing attack, perhaps by entering by entering personal information on a site that looks legitimate to you, but is in fact malicious and hosted by hackers. Norton internet Security software analyzes the your E-mail, website link, web page structure and when it found any type of problem, then it give the alert/warning to the user.

Norton Identity Safe : - with this services feature, your online detail as like login ID and Password are stored in encrypted vault and entered automatically in relevant field of web pages, for instance the login page of your website. It means that you don’t no need of type then again. So they can’t get stolen by malicious key logging software that could be installed on your computer unbeknownst to you.

Norton Safe Web :- Norton Internet Security make secure your system. By this software, user can ban porn content, fraud content, violent content based website on own Computer. Any chance if user visit any these type of website then it give you information about the website that website safe or not safe.

Parental Control Management: - Norton Internet Security is offering parental Control Management system. By the help of this feature you can ban unwanted website. And also you can apply time period schedule. You can know that what are your children searching on internet.

If you are want to know more difference between Norton Antivirus Software and Internet Security then make call to Norton Tech Support Number 1800-239-8013. Norton Tech Support will provide you all information about these both products.

February 22, 2019

Top 12 Tips for social media security and privacy

Social Media is most utilized and most prone to be spammed or trick or numerous protection and security related issues are there in Social Media. 

Today's tips will assist you with securing social media accounts from hackers and other online programmers.

Norton facebook security

1. Password is most crucial part of security and it cannot missed you need to change password twice yearly and keep it alphanumeric so hard to guess. Use different password on every account so if your one account get compromised others are still safe. You can try password manager apps available so you don’t need to remember it can be easily managed.

2. Don’t click randomly here and there when online click only those links that can be trusted visit HTTPS websites that are secured even Google recommends using HTTPS website. Spam is increasing day by day think 100 times before clicking anything on Social media. Test untrusted links on “”.

3. Don’t trust anyone online asking you to upgrade your software or asking you to download anything which is not required. Read Privacy Setting and keep them on where you are comfortable.

4. Ensure your computer or laptop has latest windows updates, firewall, Norton anti-virus installed. Norton is one of the safest antivirus available. If you are facing some issues in Norton Tech Support Number is +1-800-239-8013.

5. Post only information that is required sharing extra information like full name, date of birth and social security number on social media can attract hackers to your banking details. Social networking sites is full of spammers and hackers trying to steal your information on social media platforms.

6. Think twice before making a post because one its online everyone can see it and use it against you also it cannot be deleted. What if spammer took screen shots before you deleted it. It can be really risky.

7. You can also use 2FA or 2 Factor authentication and keep your accounts more secured than ever. Norton is one of the safest antivirus available. If you are facing some issues in Norton Tech Support Number is +1-800-239-8013.

8. Don’t make random friendships online it can lead you in danger. Many spammers and hackers make fake social medial account to attract more friends and then con them.

9. Always remember to logout session when you are done and it must be compulsory if you are using it on a device that is accessed by others.

10. Use latest updates of browser because older version may have some security flaws that can breach your security. Update antivirus and spyware.

11. Make sure your antivirus secures you from all online threats Norton is one of the safest antivirus available. If you are facing some issues in Norton Tech Support Number  is +1-800-239-8013.

12. Location setting can be harmful as it tells Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more provide you an option of location tracing you can just turn it off so nobody can know where you are posting them from.
 If you are facing any kind of issue with your computer, Laptop, Mac and any other devices   then dial Norton Tech Support Number  +1-800-239-8013 and get instant solution from Norton Tech Support. Symantec Corporation offer worldwide Norton Tech Support Number, There technician team available 24x7 for customer support.  


Friday, February 15, 2019

February 15, 2019

Advantages and Benefits of Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security offers the best of Norton the multiple ways you connect. With a simple solution, user gets comprehensive security that’s made to secure your computer machine, Tablet & smart phone. Norton Internet Security is the best security software for web protection, mobile device tracking and other services. This is the best for your device/system safety. For more information about Norton Support make a call to Norton Support Number.

Norton Internet Security, Norton Support Number

Norton Internet Security Software Have Three Editions: -

1. Standard – Protection for  1 device.

2. Deluxe- Protection for 5 Devices.

3. Premium – Protection for 10 devices

Benefits and features: - 

  • One solution for all virus & malwares related problems.
  • Provides safety from viruses, spyware, malware and other online intrusion
  • Safe your confidential detail. Don’t matter what are you using.
  • Block unwanted and unsafe website.
  • Lets you transfer protection from one device to another devices.
  • You can add more protection as you get more devices.
  • Easily track lost or stolen devices as mobile and tablets.  


Insight – identifies the  files or application that are secure or non-secure using the combined feedback of more that 175 million Norton Users to identify incoming  virus, spyware , malware and proactively avert them.

Sonar Behavior Protection – Detected the signs that a file is unsecured to proactively secure you form new virus and malware.

Safe web for Facebook – scans your facebook  account and news feed for links to unsafe websites.

Away Up-To –Date – download  by itself and install important product or new feature updates when not using your computer and smart phone.

Download Insight : - Prevents you from downloading file from websites that have  low reputation score within the Norton user community.

Insigh+Optimised File-copy – Speeds up scans times by indentifying safe file and only scanning unknown files.

Norton Community Watch : - Collect information volunteered by millions of Norton Security user to spot new  virus faster, identify secure file, and offer stronger, more  efficient protection.

Blocking Spam- Remembers, safe and self enters your user names and password so they can’t be lost and stolen.

Safe Web Security – in case if you open unsafe website then this software warn you .

Internet Security System- Secure-websites and social-networking-site for suspicious-link  (website) &  content to identify the latest social-networking scams/fraud.  

Smart Two-way Firewall – Prevents strange from accessing your home network by blocking incoming  traffic determined to be unsecured.

Backup Store-  you can store 25 GB data.


Mobile Device Support- Norton Internet Security software is supportable for Android, iOS and tablets.

Remote Locate – Pinpoint your lost/stolen/missing Android or iOS phone or tablet on map you find it fast.

SIM  Card Lock : - if you removed SIM Card form your phone then your phone will be lock at a time.

Call Blocker – you can block unwanted call you’re your mobile phone.

The Symantec Corporations has introduced exclusively Norton Support Number to maintain the quality of service.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

January 23, 2019

How Do I Install Norton Antivirus Security in my Mobile Device?

How Do I Install Norton Antivirus Security in my Mobile Device? 

Norton Antivirus is the most recent and most organized PC software that is produced by Symantec. It works on several platforms like MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS platforms. It is additionally accessible in authoritative three versions, as Norton security standard, security deluxe and security premium. Every one of them inserts the center upgraded includes and has their own different specifications. To enjoy the services in Norton, clients can opt for Norton Mobile Security

Well, one thing is unfortunate, that this product may whenever neglect to work. So in that perspective clients should achieve authorities of Norton antivirus at The highly talented and specialized experts avail best services and solution in a limited time period. Our engineers will offer step by step direction to enable you to introduce Norton antivirus in your mobile device. 

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security
Norton Mobile Security

Step1: Uninstall previous version Norton or another security programming 

  • Uninstall process on Windows-based PCs 
  • Tap on the start button
  • Tap on the Control Panel 
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 – Open programs and features. 
  • Windows Vista Open uninstall a program. 
  • Windows XP Open promotions or remove programs. 
  • Click uninstall or remove
  • Tap on Norton Complete Uninstall 
  • Now click next
  • After this tap on restart now option
  • Uninstall process on Mac OS X PCs 
  • Now remove an application 
  • Tap the delete button 
  • On the off chance that there's no delete button in the Launchpad
  • Remove the application by using its uninstaller 
  • At that point by emptying the Trash 
  • Download and installation of your security programming will start after running it 
  • So follow the on-screen guidelines 
  • When you complete it, automatically your Norton product will be installed and activated

If you face any issue in installing Norton antivirus, at this time once more, directly connect with experts for help. The team of specialists is available to complete all hitches from Norton for all time. Don't hesitate to attain immediate help and support. Call us at 1-800-239-8013 for Norton Mobile Security.

Friday, December 21, 2018

December 21, 2018

Norton Support Number|How To Update Norton Antivirus?

What is a Virus?

The computer virus is similar to the flu virus. It has been created to spread from host to host. It can also replicate itself. 

 A virus is always on the lookout for a way to hamper new ways to hamper your system's performance. When a virus attacks your computer it can affect your files that have been stored in hard drive badly. It also has the ability to delete some of its content. It is very necessary for you to upgrade your antivirus so that you can sort out additional virus issues. 

Norton Support Number

Which Is The Best Antivirus Software? 

The Norton antivirus is the ideal solution for this malware and spyware. A virus will irritate you like no other. If you wish to keep your system secure as well as safe then it becomes necessary for you to update antivirus programs to the latest versions. If you are finding it difficult to locate the latest Norton antivirus software, you can contact the Norton Support Number 1800-239-8013. 

Why Should You Take the Help of the Norton Support Number?

If you wish to have a fast remedy to in a cost-effective manner, you should contact the Symantec customer care team. On contacting the Norton Support Number, you will be greeted by a customer support executive. These Norton support executives have been trained to discuss your problems calmly. Once your issues and concerns have been discussed they will then direct your call to the proper specialist who can actually help you with your particular antivirus issue. 

How Can You Contact Norton Support Number

Connecting with the Norton Support Number for assistance is easy. An ideal way to contact the toll-free Norton contact number is to call the Norton Support Number which is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What Are The Services, Which I  Can Get From The Norton Support Number?

If you wish to know as in what ways we can help you then you can avail of this information when you call the company’s hotline. You will be provided with assistance to help you download as well as to install the software, they will also help you in selecting the appropriate package for your protection. Asides from this, they will also help you solve problems related to the Antivirus software that you purchased. You will also be provided with assistance in removing computer virus and malware asides from availing of help in optimizing your computer so that it works faster asides from cleaning repairing your computer system.

How Can I Update My Norton Antivirus?

  •      Search for the Norton antivirus. “Norton Internet Security” page which you can find the front of you.
  •     Tick the “Options” settings from the given window.
  •     Navigate your mouse to the Norton Antivirus Subscription page.
  •     Now turn on Automatic Live Update. This will allow you to update the software.
  •     Apply the above changes.
  • You can also update and renew your software based on your subscription plans for which you will have to pay for.
  • So, this is how you can update your Norton antivirus software.
Norton Support Number

Still, if you are facing any issues regarding updating Norton Antivirus. You contact our toll-free number 1800-239-8013.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

December 11, 2018

Norton Support Phone Number Toll-Free Number 1-800-239-8013

Norton Support Phone Number Toll-Free Number 1-800-239-8013

Threats, dangers and other harmful programs have become the major threat to computers these days. An efficient antivirus that provides a complete protection to the computer system is the need of the hour. These harmful programs or viruses corrupt all the original data files and programs on execution, and degrade a computer’s performance, sometimes even crashing the system. Norton offers its users with the best antivirus software to assist them to shield their whole data from damaging viruses. Norton has millions of customers and Norton Support Phone Number offers its customers with the suitable solutions to the issues and queries.

Norton Support Phone Number

Our experts at the Norton Support Phone Number work 24*7 to provide support to the users so that the users do not have to wait for assistance. The customers can schedule their call according to their preference by connecting with the Norton Phone Number. Norton offers its customers with user-friendly software, but some users may face common technical issues to use the software. The common technical issues may include configuration, connectivity and troubleshooting problems. Users can benefit the remote services offered by Norton Support Phone Number to get support and solutions pertaining to these issues.

Quite a few customers face issues with the installation of the Norton Antivirus product. Norton Support Phone Number to offers help to the users who face complexity in installing Norton product on their computers. Customers from any part of the world can make use of Norton product support. The experts with the support team ensure that the users are offered the finest solutions, by using the newest technology in sync with the marketplace. Customers can get complete technical support and solutions simply visiting and get the complete technical support. The general issues faced by Norton users include :

•    Issues occur when user login their Account
•    Not scanning the proper Viruses after scanning
•    Errors occur during the downloading process
•    Functions are not working properly and showing the errors
•    Guidelines and proposal for optimizing performance
•    Protection from internet malware's
•    Troubleshooting errors
•    Boosting of computer performance
•    Error resolving
•    Safety setting configurations
•    Installation issues with OS
•    Account making
•    Connection issues
•    Malware's removing errors

Separately from providing online and online solutions, users can receive updates about the latest features of Norton from Norton Support Phone Number. The number to offers sales support to users wanting to shop for the latest McAfee products. Technicians at the support team ensure that all the client queries are attended and resolved within a small bit of time period. The aim of the team working at the support and support number is to provide the clients with a smooth and stress-free experience.

    For more information visit our website 
Contact: 1800-239-8013

Thursday, December 6, 2018

December 06, 2018

How Norton safe your computer from Virus Attack?

    How Norton safe your computer from Virus Attack?

If you have any technical issues during the Norton installation process or after installation any bugs or confliction with other software’s, the user can call our Norton Support Phone Number 1800-239-8013.

Norton is a most popular 5 rated brand for antivirus software. It is known for its decent security and amazing protection from malware. Usually antivirus, anti-spyware or internet security software’s are installed for the use of computer protection. Viruses or attackers aim to corrupt the operating system & the overall mechanism to hack devices and stolen secrete and personal information of the user.
That’s results your computer works slow and browsing speed of websites to slow. Attackers are responsible to steal user information & confidential data. Therefore system needs antivirus software to protect your PC, laptop & mobile device. Download, Installing & using Norton Antivirus is a good decision for the user. And if you have any queries for Norton antivirus for any issues or error during installation or any bugs our Norton professional are available 24x7 round the clock for resolved technical difficulties in your system.

Following issues can be resolved by our Experts:
·        Installation of Norton antivirus from Retail Card or CD. the user can visit the website 
·         Un-installation of  Norton Antivirus from PC
·         How to activate Norton Retail Card
·         How to Enter Norton product 25 character key
·         How to stop Norton scan runtime
·         How to scan Norton at PC boot time
·         How to check Norton virus definitions updated
·         How to remove viruses and spyware Norton protection services
·         How to update Norton subscription
·         How to update antivirus online and download new securities

     Users are using antivirus program for protection of their devices but if the software not working what to do? In this situation, we suggest you keep passions and Call to Norton Support Phone Number 1800-239-8013 and Get freedom from viruses attack to your computer or devices.  Our Norton support phone number are available 24*7 to get instant support.

    For more information visit our website 
Contact: 1800-239-8013

      Also read Advantage Of Norton Mobile Security