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Thursday, February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019

How Eliminate Viruses From Your System | Norton Antivirus

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Topic 1 – most of the time, a system virus can not run without your OS running as well. This is the case with mac, window and Linux. As long you do not start your computer, the virus remains actually frozen and has no way to cover, fight back or transmit information. The goal here is to freeze the virus so you can find it, delete/remove it .

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There are many more of tools that will offer you this power over the virus. My favorite is the operating system that will run on a CD/DVD or a USB stick designed by the brilliant software engineers at Norton Antivirus Lab. And luckily for all of us, Norton rescue Disk 10 available for free.
Once you download this software/program, the useful guide on this site will give you step by step direction on how to turn a USB drive a CD/DVD in a malware and Virus slaughter machine.

I won’t go over how to do this step by step, but if you are having any issue, stop by the Norton Antivirus Website where we will be having a analysis on people’s experiences with this program.

Topic 2 – Once you have your CD/DVD or USB drive all set up with the virus delete program, insert either one into your system and turn it on. What comes-up next will not look like your Norton system, rather you will be running a new OS from the disk you just created.

To clarify a little bit, this USB or CD/DVD  drive you created has fully functional operating system built into it. When your system start to run it, allthing gets loaded into the RAM of your system which, if you memories from my earlier podcast on how a computer works, is like the work bench of the computer.

How to secure your computer machine from future invaders

I recommend keeping the Cd/DVD or USB drive in drawer just in case this sort of thing ever happens in the future. I need keep a USB drive with Norton Antivirus on my key ring . just in case.

5-Quick & Dirty Steps to Deleting Computer malware/viruses:

1 – A Malware on your computer need your operating system in order to run.

2- By creating DVD/CD or USB Drive with the Special virus-destroy software on it. We can keep the malware frozen as if the power to your regular operating system were still off.

3- While the Malware is Frozen, we can scan, edit and delete or remove the offender.

4-Once we Delete the malware or virus, your computer should be completely healthy and back to Normal.

5- it wouldn’t hurt to do a few more scans with your traditional antivirus software such as Microsoft security Essentials or Sophos, just in case.

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