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Thursday, March 28, 2019

March 28, 2019

How To Unfreeze My Laptop | 1800-239-8013

Freezing is one of the most frustrating movement while doing some work. Take a situation you are surfing you Internet and your system froze completely no respond from keyboard no response from mouse you are ready to throw away your laptop in dustbin just before throwing it, have a look at some steps that can save your laptop.

Freezing is caused due to high "RAM" usage at the time. Some programs use excess memory and cause this problem to your laptop. It can be Virus or malware also it slowly corrupts your data and make system file waste. Using Norton Internet Security helps you get secured from these issues. If the problem persist you can call Norton Tech support Number or Norton Helpline number i.e. +1-800-239-8013. The agents here will help you out regarding all the issues that occurring in your system.

Some Basic Reason Why Laptop Freeze : - 

1.    First and foremost reason is excess usage of RAM. This reason can lead to the ultimate blue screen error. This error can have some possible solutions: -
  •        Increasing Laptop RAM if you can recognize all you files running on your laptop
  •        Else you need Norton Internet Security the best and the leading antivirus.
  •        If the problem persist you can call our Norton Tech support Number i.e. +1-844-704-4450.
2.    Overheating is also one of the major problem that can cause system freeze.
3.    Software errors or Virus attack is most common factor. For this solution is just use Norton Internet Security this will secure you from all kinds of Viruses and Malware. If the problem persist you can call our Norton Tech support Number or Norton Helpline number i.e. +1-844-704-4450. All support is provided 24 X 7 X 365.

How To Unfreeze Laptop

1.    Call our Norton Tech support Number or Norton Helpline number i.e. +1-844-704-4450. All       support is provided 24 X 7 X 365.
2.       Increasing Laptop RAM if you can recognize all you files running on your laptop.
2.    Try changing power source.
3.    Disconnect all device connected (memory card, pen drive etc.)
4.    Hold power button and try restarting it.
5.    Get a new Laptop.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

March 03, 2019

What are issues with Norton internet Security Software?

Norton internet security is one of the best in all antivirus software tools which provides PC and Mobile protection. Norton Internet Security software secure user all devices from malware, virus and online threats.
The Norton antivirus application that you use to delete error from your computer and mobile. itself creates many issues sometimes.
The hale and hearty Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number provide online to user of Norton Security to resolve their problems with this internet security software.

Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number to Norton Internet Security

The professional who offer customer support to the user have excelled will with the problem with the problem of Norton Internet Security or the antivirus program both for your computer and mobile phone.
Since this security software has been programmed to take care of all your problem and online virus in your computer and mobile. But when the antivirus programs start causing problem in your computer and mobile phone. It’s become the prime concern as how and where they can find their proper solution to pull through those issues.  
Through the online Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number, user will be offered the desirable solution of their concern with Norton Internet Security  or the antivirus program.

The technical help is also offer to the user so that they can get rid of all the technical difficulty which they find this security software.
Normal difficulty can be resolved by the user themselves but users many time get into trouble when they search such technical issue which they look out for the Norton antivirus Technical support Number.

Technical Problem can be both in your computer and Smartphone. The technical support that user will get online is for both smart phone and computer.

Here is the list of some problem that user get with the antivirus software –

Installation Problem:-
Computer user who want to install the Norton Internet Security software with your computer and Smartphone. But if they are getting the installation error with this, they can have the customer support to recover the issue.

Issue of incompatibility: -
Are you getting the problem on conflict of this antivirus software program with your system? After the installation of this program you may get the message that the program is incompatible.  

Start up issue with the Antivirus Program: -
Having been installed the Norton Internet Security software, as you open the program, it does no open.

Has Norton made you System slower?
You might have installed this software so that your system can run smoothly but if this program has slowed down your device, you can contact to the Norton Tech Support Phone Number.

Device Not Working:
In this problem user are not able to scan their mobile phone or computer machine through this program to search the errors online threats. All in all you find that scanning is working properly.
The issue of Freezing or hanging:

Does this freeze / hang while performing the scans in your devices? if so happens, get the online technical support to get this error away for your devices.  

It is crashing?
Do you find random crashes with this Norton Internet Security program? When your device runs slow and to make it smooth you run the Norton Internet Security but it shuts down with the crash report.

Is it treating the WIFI as threat?
It also occurs that sometimes the security engine threats   the WIFI connection as online threat therefore you have to not connect your system from the internet connection.

Online Technical Support Help through Helpline Number.

User can join with the technical Support team through the Norton Tech Support Phone Number provide online help.
The helpline Number is Norton Toll Free Number and the all the user of Norton antivirus Software can have correct answer of their issue.
Norton 360 Support Phone Number

Saturday, March 2, 2019

March 02, 2019

Remove A Virus From PC | Norton Support Phone Number

Norton 360 Support

Something you can do everything right and you see that virus is activate in your machine. Virus is danger for your system. Carefully read the given blog and learn how to delete/remove the virus from your system. If you are face any type of issue then make call to Norton Tech Support Phone Number (Norton Number) and get instant solution by Norton Technical Support Team.

Make sure you follow these steps carefully and step by step in this order.

Step 1 – Some malicious program will actively and stop an antivirus software from removing them. Or even from running at all. So before we can delete the virus we require to stop any actions its taking.

Download a Program called. ‘rkill’, you can search it here. Once you have it downloaded, run it and wait for it to complete.

This will stop any other malicious-processes from running and permitted our antivirus to work its magic in our next-step. It’s important that you do not restart your system until these steps are finish.

This will stop any malicious processes from running and grant our antivirus to work its magic in our Next Step. It’s that you Do Not Restart your PC until these step are final. Many more viruses have the ability to start acting again after your stem/device has rebooted.

Step 2 – Download the updated latest version for Norton Internet Security from Their Website Link and install in your System.

Open it up and go into the ‘Setting’. Go In-to the ’Tab’ at the top called ‘Protection’, and under ‘Scan Option’, enable the ‘Scan for rootkits’ Option.

Once you have  complete this, go back to ‘Dashboard’ at the top left,  & then hit ‘Scan Now’.

Malware bytes are considered one of the powerful malware removal tools around. Norton Internet Security Software will remove the majority of knows infection and has built in repair tools that help-repair and damage caused.

The combination of these three-tools should be enough to find and kill anything unwanted in your Desktop and Laptop. If they have all completed properly, you should now be malware free.

If Norton Customer wants any other type of Technical Support assistance then make call to Norton Antivirus Tech Support Number (Norton Number).Norton Technical support team 24X7 Available at Norton Tech Support Number (Norton Number). 

Norton Support Number

Friday, March 1, 2019

March 01, 2019

How to Open a Port Using "Norton Internet Security" Software

Norton Internet Security

If you have install Norton Internet Security software in your PC then it will be smart work with any extensive configuration. This software is capable for block all type of threats, malware and online intrusion on you system. Few professional use programs that need to update amend routinely through communication with outside servers. So that these programs can connect properly, you may require to open a port in Norton’s-Firewall.

This typically is mandatory only for specialized software or advanced PC user. 

Press the ‘Start’ Button,  and write “Norton” in Search Box & Click “Norton Internet Security

2    After that click “Setting” once programs loads.

    Click on the “network” tab and select “Smart-Firewall” and select “Configure” to the right of advanced setting. Click “Configure” to the right of General Rules.

Click “Add” Choose “Allow” and select “next” Click either “Connections to other computers” “Connection form other Computer” or “Connection to & from another PC”. The choice depends on what the port is to be used for. If you are not assured , select “Connection to & from another PC.”

     Press “Next” and choose either “Any Computer” “Any Computer in the local subnet” or “only the computers and site listed below.” Be assured to click “Add” if you select “only the computers and site listed below” and write the IP (Internet Protocol) Address. Press “Any Computer” if you are not assured.

     Click “Next” and use the drop-down menu to choose the type of protocol that you require to open the port. Use the default setting of “TCP & UDP” if you are not confident . Click “Only communication that match all types and ports listed below” and select “Add”.  (For Tech Support make call to Norton Tech Support Number)

    Check the box to the Left side of the Port you want to open if it is in the List. Click either “Individually” specified ports” or “Port range” Depending on How many Port s you require to Open. Press “Local” Under Locality. Only if you are opening the Port on you PC. Any other way , you should go to Next Step.

    Click “OK” & Chose “Next” Twice. Write a Name for the rune in the Text-Box. Now Press Button “Next” and choose “Finish” Choose the rule you just generated and click “Move Up” Until it is to of the list. Click “Ok” Three-Times and Press the “X” Button to Close Norton Internet Security .

Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number

If you are face any kind of problem in this process then no need of worry. Now for Customer technical help Symantec Support offer “Norton Antivirus Tech Support Phone Number “. There is Norton Tech supports team available 24X7 for Customer tech support.

Friday, February 22, 2019

February 22, 2019

Difference Between Norton Antivirus And Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security

Norton Antivirus is the primary security software of Symantec Corporation. Norton Antivirus is powerful virus protection software against of all type of malware, such as viruses, threat, spyware, and other junk file. Norton Antivirus does not have any advance feature. Norton Antivirus price is lowest in Symantec’s Windows-based PC security product category.

Bottom Line: - if your budget is low and you use internet services to read news and check E-mail from time to time, Symantec Corporation offer the security Protection according to customer requirement. You should know that Norton antivirus is best firewall window security software. It keeps secure your system from the virus, threat, firewall, spyware and other online attack.

Norton Internet Security

Norton internet security offers all the core protection security you will find in Norton-Antivirus, along with many other security features.

Firewall security :- This is probably the feature that differentiates Norton-Internet-Security form Norton-antivirus in the most important way. A firewall security safe your computer and your information from hacker. With it you can control the all traffic into and out of your computer. Norton internet security’s smart two way firewall is very-very strong and offers many tweaks so that you can really configure it, according to customer requirement you can configure it.

Identity Protection :- you have probably heard about identity theft. Unfortunately, this type of threat is all 2 common online. Without any protection you could be the victim of a phishing attack, perhaps by entering by entering personal information on a site that looks legitimate to you, but is in fact malicious and hosted by hackers. Norton internet Security software analyzes the your E-mail, website link, web page structure and when it found any type of problem, then it give the alert/warning to the user.

Norton Identity Safe : - with this services feature, your online detail as like login ID and Password are stored in encrypted vault and entered automatically in relevant field of web pages, for instance the login page of your website. It means that you don’t no need of type then again. So they can’t get stolen by malicious key logging software that could be installed on your computer unbeknownst to you.

Norton Safe Web :- Norton Internet Security make secure your system. By this software, user can ban porn content, fraud content, violent content based website on own Computer. Any chance if user visit any these type of website then it give you information about the website that website safe or not safe.

Parental Control Management: - Norton Internet Security is offering parental Control Management system. By the help of this feature you can ban unwanted website. And also you can apply time period schedule. You can know that what are your children searching on internet.

If you are want to know more difference between Norton Antivirus Software and Internet Security then make call to Norton Tech Support Number 1800-239-8013. Norton Tech Support will provide you all information about these both products.

Friday, February 15, 2019

February 15, 2019

Advantages and Benefits of Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security offers the best of Norton the multiple ways you connect. With a simple solution, user gets comprehensive security that’s made to secure your computer machine, Tablet & smart phone. Norton Internet Security is the best security software for web protection, mobile device tracking and other services. This is the best for your device/system safety. For more information about Norton Support make a call to Norton Support Number.

Norton Internet Security, Norton Support Number

Norton Internet Security Software Have Three Editions: -

1. Standard – Protection for  1 device.

2. Deluxe- Protection for 5 Devices.

3. Premium – Protection for 10 devices

Benefits and features: - 

  • One solution for all virus & malwares related problems.
  • Provides safety from viruses, spyware, malware and other online intrusion
  • Safe your confidential detail. Don’t matter what are you using.
  • Block unwanted and unsafe website.
  • Lets you transfer protection from one device to another devices.
  • You can add more protection as you get more devices.
  • Easily track lost or stolen devices as mobile and tablets.  


Insight – identifies the  files or application that are secure or non-secure using the combined feedback of more that 175 million Norton Users to identify incoming  virus, spyware , malware and proactively avert them.

Sonar Behavior Protection – Detected the signs that a file is unsecured to proactively secure you form new virus and malware.

Safe web for Facebook – scans your facebook  account and news feed for links to unsafe websites.

Away Up-To –Date – download  by itself and install important product or new feature updates when not using your computer and smart phone.

Download Insight : - Prevents you from downloading file from websites that have  low reputation score within the Norton user community.

Insigh+Optimised File-copy – Speeds up scans times by indentifying safe file and only scanning unknown files.

Norton Community Watch : - Collect information volunteered by millions of Norton Security user to spot new  virus faster, identify secure file, and offer stronger, more  efficient protection.

Blocking Spam- Remembers, safe and self enters your user names and password so they can’t be lost and stolen.

Safe Web Security – in case if you open unsafe website then this software warn you .

Internet Security System- Secure-websites and social-networking-site for suspicious-link  (website) &  content to identify the latest social-networking scams/fraud.  

Smart Two-way Firewall – Prevents strange from accessing your home network by blocking incoming  traffic determined to be unsecured.

Backup Store-  you can store 25 GB data.


Mobile Device Support- Norton Internet Security software is supportable for Android, iOS and tablets.

Remote Locate – Pinpoint your lost/stolen/missing Android or iOS phone or tablet on map you find it fast.

SIM  Card Lock : - if you removed SIM Card form your phone then your phone will be lock at a time.

Call Blocker – you can block unwanted call you’re your mobile phone.

The Symantec Corporations has introduced exclusively Norton Support Number to maintain the quality of service.

Monday, December 10, 2018

December 10, 2018

Norton Antivirus Provide Premium Security against Viruses

Norton Internet Security

When an individual search about the best free antivirus for his computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, his/her might come across the options. This free antivirus also claims to be as effective as the paid versions of antivirus protection software. As an end user, I find this statement is true and reliable. There are lots of other things to consider when opting for a free version, in some cases annoying pop-ups and ads will appear, in other cases no customer care. As per some research, it has been found out that a basic program only provides entry-level protection and functionality.

Norton Internet Security

  • Norton security comes under the premium segment and same is computer protection software. That does well indeed in independent tests for virus protection and usability. 
  • Norton security gives first-rate security to the internet in addition to technical support around the clock. 
  • Norton’s antivirus single license can take care of as many as 10 devices, including Android, Macs, Windows computers, smartphones and tablets.

Norton Internet Security: 

Norton Security is one of the best computer protection software products available in the market. A single Norton Security license can protect as many 10 devices, including mobile phones and tablets. This software does not come with a file shredder to permanently delete files. Norton Security gives you first-rate computer protection and fine security features, including online backup. The test lab has given top marks to its protection software and how it affected the operation of the computer.

For any help, you can call us at 1-800-239-8013 for the best Norton Internet Security for your PC.